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Russian Dealings – A Safe Passage, Money Laundering Bulletin

April 28, 2015

Sanctions against Russia over its involvement in the Ukraine conflict are complex but navigable: Brian Zimbler and Vasilisa Strizh of the Moscow office of Morgan Lewis take the helm.

Well over a year has passed since the US, European Union and a number of other countries (notably including Australia, Canada and Switzerland) began imposing sanctions against Russia in connection with the Ukraine conflict. The sanctions programs remain well in place, and the lists of sanctioned persons have continued to grow. The underlying conflict in Ukraine continues to fester, despite the “Minsk II” agreement and other diplomatic efforts. In March 2015, US President Obama extended the US sanctions for another year, and EU leaders pushed for the renewal of their own sanctions until year-end. Accordingly, it appears possible that both the Ukraine crisis and the corresponding sanctions will continue as long-term issues for the region, as well as for international banks and companies who operate there.

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