Ninth Annual Advanced Topics in Hedge Fund Practices, Part 2: Regulatory and Examination Priorities for Private Fund Advisers

June 09, 2016

Morgan Lewis is proud to present a fourteen-part podcast recording from our June 9, 2016 conference, Advanced Topics in Hedge Fund Practices.

Morgan Lewis partners Jedd Wider and Timothy Levin chaired this fourteen-part, in-depth discussion of US and international advanced hedge fund topics focusing on manager and investor perspectives.

In Part 2, Timothy Levin, Steven Hansen, and Jennifer Klass will discuss recent trends in the SEC examination process as well as current and important regulatory and inspection priorities for private fund advisers in the hedge fund industry.

See also:

  • Part 1: Enforcement Trends and Issues
  • Part 3: Current Institutional Investor/Manager Terms: Side Letter Issues and Developments
  • Part 4: Current M&A Issues in Transactions Involving Hedge Fund Managers
  • Part 5: Hedge Fund Trends and Seed Investments
  • Part 6: Registered Funds: Considerations for Alternative Investment Managers
  • Part 7: Trading and Investment Practices Affecting Hedge Funds
  • Part 8: New Cayman Islands LLC Legislation
  • Part 9: Dodd-Frank Developments and Derivatives
  • Part 10: International Fund Issues – The UK, Japan, and Singapore
  • Part 11: Nontransparent Actively Managed ETFs, Smart Beta ETFs, and the SEC’s Derivatives Proposal
  • Part 12: Current Broker-Dealer Issues
  • Part 13: Tax Updates and the New DOL Fiduciary Rule – Do I Care?
  • Part 14: Managing Distressed Hedge Fund Situations – Illiquidity and A Firm in Trouble: Responding to Enforcement Risks