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In case you’ve missed it, we’ve been running the Morgan Lewis Fast Break webinar series for more than two years now. The series examines a variety of different health law topics, from the old standards—Stark Law and Corporate Integrity Agreements, etc.—to topics on cutting-edge technology and legal developments such as Blockchain or our recent session on GDPR compliance. What we love about this series is that we get to highlight topics that may not be top of mind for many healthcare companies, helping listeners identify problems before they arise in their own practices or organizations. And as we explore these areas, we get to learn a lot as well.

Our next Fast Break, for example, will explore the use of Radioactive Material in healthcare settings, highlighting the role of regulatory agencies that many healthcare providers may not pay close attention to. In this webinar, we’ll focus on the regulation of medical radioisotopes by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and various states. Definitely don’t miss it—register now.

Our hope is that this series will help you learn something new about various aspects of the healthcare industry, and that will put you in a position to, at the very least, spot a potential issue and call for backup when appropriate.

If you haven't had a chance to attend one of our Fast Break webinars yet, you can still catch up on our past presentations. And be sure to sign up for our Fast Break mailing list to hear about new Fast Break presentations and other important health law news. Also, if you have an idea for a Fast Break topic that we haven’t covered, contact moderator Jake Harper and we’ll round up the right people to address it.

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