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Legal Insights and Perspectives for the Healthcare Industry

We had a successful Fast Break on HealthTech Startups last month. The program, led by Morgan Lewis corporate partners Andy Ray (@AMRayEsq) and Jeff Bodle (@jeffbodle), explored a lot of the things that might affect the relationship between capital investors, including corporate venture capital and startup entrepreneurs. We discussed a bit about the background of how a startup begins and explored the process through which a successful startup begins to obtain capital, especially when integrating vertically with potential buyers of their products (not just their business). This Fast Break also touched on some of the common healthcare regulatory issues we have to contend with on both the startup and the corporate side during diligence. If you’d like to take a listen, here is a recording of the program.

Next week, we are doing a joint Fast Break-May-rathonsession. In case you missed our post on the Morgan Lewis May-rathon, it’s a month-long series of presentations in (you guessed it) May that focuses on technology development and legal issues. A lot of the sessions have a touchpoint with healthcare, including “Advancements in Telehealth Law” (May 22), “Development of Blockchain in Healthcare” (May 14), and “Digital Health Privacy” (May 7). Visit this page for a schedule of the events and to register. We’re excited to combine our usual Fast Break with the May-rathon series this year, as FDA partner Michele Buenafe will discuss some recent FDA changes, including change in leadership, that could affect FDA’s enforcement priorities and approval perspective. And, because this Fast Break is part of May-rathon, it will be a bit longer (one hour) and you can get CLE credit for tuning in. Be sure to register for the May 16 session today.