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Board Development and Corporate Governance

An effective board increases a company's probability of success in a competitive world. Morgan Lewis offers the following resources to help entrepreneurs improve their board. Materials of particular interest to technology and life sciences companies are identified.

Best Practices for Compiling and Distributing a Board Package (DDC & Morgan Lewis)
All companies and their boards are different. With that understanding, there is some commonality of experience and function among companies. This White Paper is a general outline of “best practices” for a board presentation for a venture backed private company.
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Corporate Governance Issues (Chapter 3), Emerging Life Sciences Companies Deskbook – Spring 2008 (Morgan Lewis)
Corporate governance is a combination of (i) principles, (ii) policies, and (iii) procedures designed to enable the board of directors to manage the company in accordance with duties owed to stockholders and other company stakeholders. The board of directors of the company should understand the issues and challenges presented when governing the company. This chapter addresses a board of directors’ general fiduciary duties and its duties in connection with specific transactions, as well as certain SEC disclosure challenges faced by public life sciences companies.
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Fiduciary Duty of Board of Directors (Morgan Lewis)
Morgan Lewis partners Steven Cohen and Tom Kellerman presented on corporate governance and the role of members when serving on a board.
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