Financing a company may take many forms. This section offers prudent advice for developing a successful plan to finance the entity.

Bad Actor Disqualification in Private Placements - New Rule 506(d)
Morgan Lewis attorney Mark Stein delivered this presentation which focuses on recent amendments to Rule 506 regarding Bad Actor Disqualifications and relaxation of the general solicitation rules.
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The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act
Morgan Lewis attorney Alan Singer made the following presentation on the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) at the 15th Annual Federal Securities Forum.
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JOBS Act (Focus on Crowdfunding)
The JOBS Act addresses many issues as they relate to the emerging business companies. One in particular is Crowdfunding. The Crowdfund Act exempts from registration offers and sales of securities to the public that comply with new rules to be adopted by the SEC under new Section 4(6) of the Securities Act.
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Legislative and Regulatory Proposals Affecting Capital Raising
There have been several recent legislative and regulatory initiatives which, if adopted could significantly affect the manner in which companies can raise capital, both in public capital markets and on a private basis. This white paper provides brief descriptions of the more noteworthy proposals.
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Building a Start Up – Critical Steps for Success
A Carnegie Mellon University & Morgan Lewis collaboration, this presentation addresses critical areas for startup success: "Coming to Terms: Negotiating Early Stage Deals."
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Capitalizing on Corporate Venture Capital and Strategic Investor Relationships
How can startups and venture capital investors that co-invest with strategic investors better manage their relationships with strategic investors and partners? Morgan Lewis partner E. John Park moderated a panel of some of the leading corporate VCs to address some of these issues and provide some advice to startup companies and venture capital investors for the VC Taskforce's Corporate Venture Capital special interest group (SIG).
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Corporate Venturing: Partnering and Investing in Emerging Growth Companies
This presentation by Morgan Lewis partner John Park delivers an overview of the corporate venture capital investor experience to an entrepreneur.
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How to Become Touched by an Angel
Authored by multiple Morgan Lewis partners, this article discusses the beginning stages of financing an emerging growth company by focusing on the role and importance of angel investors.
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How to be Touched by an Angel (Chapter 4), Emerging Life Sciences Companies Deskbook – Spring 2008 (Morgan Lewis)
Most funding for startup life sciences ventures comes from a combination of government and quasi-government funding sources such as NIH and private individuals commonly referred to as “angels.” This chapter briefly describes who angels are, why new ventures seek angels, and what angels seek in investments so that your company can be touched by an angel.
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How to Hunt Money
Morgan Lewis partner Jeff Bodle and Steve Bowman of BizClarity authored this article on how entrepreneurs should search for financing.
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Investor Issues for Later Stage Investments
Morgan Lewis partner E. John Park presents to the VC Taskforce on deal trends and terms for investors in the current economy.
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Preparing a Cleantech Company for a Venture Capital Term Sheet
Morgan Lewis partner Steven Cohen focuses on issues that entrepreneurs need to address when developing a term sheet.
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Preparing a Term Sheet for Your Angel Round
Morgan Lewis partner Steve Cohen writes about the importance of doing your homework when preparing a term sheet for initial funding.
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Preparing a Venture Capital Term Sheet
This article highlights the key categories involved in preparing a successful venture capital term sheet.
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Preparing a Venture Capital Term Sheet (Chapter 5), Emerging Life Sciences Companies Deskbook – Spring 2008 (Morgan Lewis)
The company is growing and you have moved beyond angel financing. It is now time to begin courting venture capitalists. This chapter will help you structure the term sheet or investment by the venture capitalists into the company.
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Realizing Value from New Venture Spin-Outs (Chapter 2), Emerging Life Sciences Companies Deskbook – Spring 2008 (Morgan Lewis)
An alternative way to realize latent value of intellectual property (IP) and potential products that have been “put on the shelf” by an established company is through a new venture spin-out. Profitable businesses can be built with smaller or niche-market biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, or device products. Generally, a spin-out involves the transfer of IP by the parent company to a newly created company in exchange for equity. This chapter discusses some key issues to keep in mind in structuring a new venture spin-out.
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Strategic Investments for Corporate Investors
Morgan Lewis partner E. John Park presents to the VC Task Force on key investment subjects for investors when working with entrepreneurs.
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