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KPMG reported in a recent survey that the top trend for 2018 is the adoption of intelligent automation (IA) as a business strategy. The survey, which KPMG publishes on a quarterly basis, reviews global business services, IA, and related service delivery market trends.

KPMG found that 62% of respondents believe that IA and digital labor are the trends that will have the largest positive impact on the respondents’ organizations in 2018. One of the business concerns driving the adoption of IA is the challenge that organizations have in finding, training, and keeping talent, which was the largest negative trend that respondents predict when looking ahead to 2019.

According to the organizations surveyed, continued efforts to cut costs and investments in new or improved traditional and emerging IT are their key initiatives for 2018. In order to be successful in undertaking these key initiatives, the organizations cite that they will need to engage in smart and innovative management practices and eliminate dysfunctional and fragmented organizational and operating models, designs, and processes.

The survey concludes with actions that organizations should consider when adopting IA as a solution. Prior to adopting an IA solution, organizations should take a holistic approach to the adoption of IA, which should include the review of operating models, governance, change management, personnel and IA’s interaction with other technologies. After the adoption of an IA solution, the organization should continue to monitor the solution to ensure that unnecessary work is eliminated rather than simply automated and that the solution is continuing to meet business requirements.

The survey also notes that while the adoption and exploitation of IA is the leading positive trend for 2018, organizations should not neglect other critical requirements to remain competitive, nor should they ignore external forces which may have a large impact on their business, including changes to the regulatory environment or to the economic situation in the market.

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