Washington Strategic Government Relations & Counseling

Our Washington strategic government relations and counseling team leverages its intimate knowledge of US federal and state governments to develop strategies for navigating complex legal, regulatory, and legislative challenges. We help our clients anticipate and succeed amid the ever-evolving legislative and regulatory environment—especially during times of heightened congressional oversight that can put business objectives in doubt. We are well versed in managing competing goals and minimizing risk while working in the public spotlight. With experience grounded in government background and a command of the relevant legal disciplines at play, we offer actionable counsel that advances our clients’ diverse and ambitious objectives in the face of legislative, regulatory, or executive branch headwinds.

Our practice marries legal acumen with strategic planning and advocacy to cover the full spectrum of government relations issues our clients confront. Our interdisciplinary team includes lawyers who previously served in high-ranking positions in the US Congress, White House, and federal and state agencies, including the US Department of Justice, US Department of Labor, US Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Internal Revenue Service, and New York State Department of Financial Services.

Our multidisciplinary team offers services spanning antitrust, corporate and business transactions, securities, employee benefits, energy, environmental, food and drug, finance, agriculture, healthcare, immigration, insurance, intellectual property, investment management, labor and employment, litigation, tax, and telecommunications, media, and technology matters. This means we bring specialized knowledge to advocate for our clients in virtually any area. We advise on US government affairs and state law matters, guide clients through crisis management, and counsel corporate and individual clients on a wide array of legal and policy issues. In addition, we closely follow legislative and regulatory developments to help our clients identify emerging trends and anticipate government policies so they can craft timely and targeted advocacy responses to government decisionmakers.