Academic institutions and education-related service providers, product partners, and investors have long been at the forefront of innovation. The industry often finds itself in the vanguard of tackling social issues, exploring unique partnership and revenue opportunities, and implementing critical safety protocols. As education institutions and other stakeholders navigate this forward-thinking industry, complex legal and business issues inevitably arise.

Our lawyers have a command of the full spectrum of issues our clients face in the education industry. We serve an expansive range of clients involved in education, including private and public colleges and universities, academic medical centers, governing bodies and boards of trustees, endowment funds, for-profit educational program providers, public and private primary and secondary schools and charter schools, special education and related services, research organizations, investors in educational technology, and other entities in the industry.

Our lawyers collaborate across practices and offices to bring our education industry clients elite, comprehensive legal services. We consider US federal, state, and local regulatory compliance and concerns, as well as applicable global laws and regulations.