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02/19/15 Russian Court Terminates Lease Agreement Using “Adhesion” Doctrine | Cуд прекратил договор аренды как договор присоединения
The Russian Commercial Court recognizes a tenant’s right to terminate a lease agreement based on the “adhesion” doctrine and unequal bargaining power. | Арбитражный суд признал право арендатора отказаться от исполнения договора, посчитав его «слабой» стороной такого договора и применив правило о досрочном прекращении договора присоединения.
01/16/15 President Obama’s New Executive Order Blocks Trade to Crimea
The executive order bans the export of goods, technology, and services to the Crimea region of Ukraine, but that’s not all it does.
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07/01/14 Russia/Ukraine: Status of Sanctions as of 07/1/2014
In light of continued unrest in eastern Ukraine, U.S. and EU authorities are maintaining their sanctions programs against designated persons and entities in Russia and Crimea and have added certain names to their sanctions lists.
04/04/14 Russia/Ukraine: Status of U.S. Sanctions as of 04/04/2014
On April 4, President Barack Obama signed into law the United States’ Support for the Sovereignty, Integrity, Democracy, and Economic Stability of Ukraine Act of 2014
03/25/14 Ukraine bailout imminent, International Financing Review (read the article)
Business and Finance partner Carter Brod is quoted.
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03/25/14 Ukraine and Russia: Report on Sanctions and Related Concerns
Brian L. Zimbler, Margaret M. Gatti, Fred F. Fielding, Charles Horn, Bruce Johnston, and Eric Kraeutler, panelists
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The Russian Law Resource Center is an online library of information to help clients and friends of the firm keep apprised of developments in Russian legislation.

Information you find here is regularly updated. However, readers should keep in mind that Russian legislation may change frequently. While making every effort to ensure the accuracy of information in this resource center, we disclaim any liability for any errors contained herein.

We invite you to connect with any member of our resource team for more information.

LawFlashes & Client Alerts

Government Agencies

  • The Official Website of the President of Russia (in Russian and in English)
    Materials about the activity of the President of the Russian Federation, including the signing of legislative acts. Subscription to an electronic delivery of materials on a given subject is possible.
  • State Duma of the Russian Federation (in Russian)
    News on the activity of the Duma, complete texts of some bills, draft laws, press monitoring.
  • Federation Council (in Russian and in English)
    Contains the order of the day for the next Federation Council meeting as well as information on the results of the last and next-to-last meetings; also texts of decrees.
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (in Russian and in English)
    Information on the ministry, the current situation in the economy of the Russian Federation, monitorings.
  • Federal Taxation Service of the Russian Federation (in Russian and in English)
    Contains legislative and normative acts of Russian Federation, information on state registration of taxpayers and news on tax legislation.
  • Constitutional Court (in Russian)
    The official website of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation features the law of the Constitutional Court.

Translations of Legislation

  • Rospatent (in Russian and in English)
    The official website of the Russian Patent Office features translations of several laws on patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property matters.
  • Special Forces Documents (in English)
    Lists and full-text translations of several documents on the special forces, IT, encryption, communications and state secrets. The most recent documents are from 1998.
  • (in Russian and in English)
    Official site of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Overview of the Russian political and legislative system and translations of legal acts on citizenship, elections and human rights.

Company Information

  • Federal Taxation Service of the Russian Federation database (in Russian)
  • Moscow Registration Register (in Russian)
    The following company information is available up to 28 June 2002: Moscow Registration Chamber certificate number, full name of company, address, telephone number, name of director, description of basic activity, registration number in State Registration Chamber, date of registration, date of last change in founding documents and status of the company.

Legal Bibliography

  • Catalogue of the Spark Publishing House Library (in Russian)
    Contains descriptions of nearly 130,000 items. The catalogue contains not only books and dissertations but also articles from major periodicals.
  • Institute of Social Sciences (in Russian)
    Searchable database of legal bibliography of the Institute of Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Contains about 154,000 citations on the state and law. It runs from 1986.
  • Russian State Library United Electronic Catalog and Digital Library Collection (in Russian and in English)
  • Library for Foreign Literature on-line catalogue (in Russian)

Legislation News

  • Garant (in Russian and in English)
    News on legislation, current versions of the most interesting bills in the opinion of Garant experts, and also extensive additional legal information.
  • Consultant Plus (in Russian)
    Monitoring of legislation, consulting services.