Investigations & Remediations

Our eData litigators have extensive backgrounds in white collar and other corporate investigations, and a significant part of our practice involves advising on a wide variety of internal investigations, working closely with our in-house counterparts. A similar and equally important aspect of our practice involves investigating and remediating discovery-related data losses and allegations of spoliation.

An internal investigation is not just another discovery exercise and eData has developed a sensible approach that reflects the distinction. We leverage our extensive experience, processes, and technology to deliver a streamlined project that focuses resources on the specific goals of internal investigations. Combining advanced analytics, proven processes, and project management, our team anticipates and controls the volume, complexities, and nuances of data analytics and document review to provide clients with the timely information needed to make informed decisions.

When allegations of spoliation or mismanagement of data or information arise—whether alleged in a high-profile litigation or government investigation or raised in a whistleblower claim— organizations face unique challenges requiring immediate action by experienced lawyers with impeccable credentials. Clients routinely rely on eData to help them navigate these sensitive legal and business issues, litigation, and reputational risk, as well as the potential liability related to claims of data mismanagement, information loss, spoliation, or discovery missteps. We discreetly investigate, identify, and isolate the source of risk. We remediate, document, report, and ultimately craft a mitigation plan to manage our client’s short- and long-term legal and business risk arising from the event.

Technical Services

Our technical services team offers the full range of services to support both government and internal investigations of various types, including the following:


  • Data analysis
  • #MeToo bot


  • Current ediscovery and information governance policies, processes, and technology analysis
  • Information governance-related laws and regulations compliance


  • Data loss forensic analysis
  • Ediscovery and information governance best practices
  • New ediscovery processes implementation all discovery phases

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