Contract Analytics

For years, our eData team has been analyzing contracts and building a nimble portfolio of technology tools to assist clients facing a variety of contract management challenges, including negotiation and execution of high volumes of low risk agreements, conducting diligence to support corporate transactions, risk profiling a supply chain, providing oversight to a contract portfolio or in reaction to large macroeconomic changes such as Dodd-Frank, LIBOR, data privacy regulations or Brexit.

Our capabilities are designed to offer clients the full range of services to support contract analytics, including curation tools to prepare contract materials for analysis; automated contract review platforms with artificial intelligence and machine-learning functionality for data extraction; and a host of database and business intelligence tools to capture data and deliver actionable insight and reporting to clients. Our team of legal and tech analysts, data scientists, and engineers design custom workstreams and the right tech stack to accomplish each client’s contract management or analytics goals.


  • Due diligence strategy and planning
  • Impact of new laws and regulations resulting from macroeconomic developments
  • Contract review playbooks and best practices to simplify ongoing negotiation process on common contracts

Technical Services


  • Due diligence for large document sets (review of contracts for change-in-control provisions) in large corporate transactions 


Scalable AI-enabled analysis of contracts as necessitated by macroeconomic shifts, such as:

  • Supply chain risk management and force majeure
  • Brexit
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Living Will/Dodd-Frank


  • Self-service contract review models and technology
  • Technology-assisted contract review (procurement, sales, nondisclosure, etc.) on ongoing basis

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