Workplace Culture Consulting & Training

We are in a pivotal time of change in the world. A time when racial injustice has seared the global conscience. When stories of #MeToo continue to reframe our understanding of sexual and other forms of harassment. And when instances of hate and hostility seem to impact the very ways we live and work together.

These struggles permeate every facet of society, and how an employer chooses to respond can define its workplace and public image—positively or negatively. Employees are increasingly raising their voices about critical racial, ethnic, and social justice issues, making these important, but challenging, times for employers that wish to mobilize to answer the call.

Morgan Lewis’s workplace culture consulting and training practice helps employers rise to these challenges, shaping them into opportunities that honor business imperatives while valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and meeting the demands of employees, clients and customers, boards, investors, and the public.

Our workplace culture services are curated for each client’s unique needs. We build on the foundation a client has created, serving to amplify and actualize those aspirations. We develop holistic diversity initiatives, antiharassment approaches, and general workplace policies; conduct investigations and defend claims, including reverse discrimination claims; partner with labor economists to conduct demographic data analyses; and provide guidance on workplace training issues.

Our team encompasses diverse talent—including along racial, gender, ethnic, sexual orientation, disability, and age lines—and we have varied backgrounds as litigators, former government officials, and professional trainers.

Whether the journey is just beginning or it has been years on the path, our team is a trusted guide leading our clients ever upward to their ideal workplace.