Preparing for a Post-Chevron World: Are You Ready?

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On January 17, the US Supreme Court revisited the Chevron doctrine when it heard oral argument in two related cases, Relentless v. Department of Commerce and Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, challenging the Chevron doctrine. If the Court repeals or changes the doctrine, the ramifications for administrative adjudication, rulemaking, and other agency interpretations of statutory authority could be significant. Decades’ worth of rules, orders, and other statutory interpretations could be undermined.

Pulling from its broad and deep regulatory know-how, Morgan Lewis has assembled a cross-disciplinary team of more than 20 lawyers who regularly represent companies in front of, and regularly challenge the actions of, nearly every major federal agency across the most important, complex, and highly regulated industries in the United States. Blending the strength of our appellate litigation practice with this regulatory experience, this team is prepared to provide guidance on the shifting regulatory and legislative landscape, strategies to challenge existing agency rules and orders, risk mitigation for transactions and product development, and assistance in crafting responses to agency inquiries or enforcement actions.

Join us for a webinar as we anticipate the ruling in coming weeks. All practitioners and leaders who deal with, or whose work is impacted by the actions of, federal agencies should attend to prepare for potential new legal frameworks and understand how regulatory matters may be affected going forward.