ML Well

Our goal is to embed well-being and engagement into the fabric of our culture. We are committed to providing a variety of tools and resources to meet the unique needs of all individuals and empower everyone at our firm to thrive.

ML Well is a unique, holistic approach to promoting thriving through intellectual, physical, emotional, and occupational well-being coupled with an underlying emphasis on engagement and community. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to well-being, ML Well aims to enable our lawyers and professional staff to find what uniquely works best for them as individuals.

Part of the ML Well curriculum includes an online portal featuring cutting-edge research, events, and news related to positive psychology, as well as information on our firm's well-being-related policies and benefits. To ensure relevancy, the structure and content of the portal are customized to target resources and events to each employee based on practice group, department, and office location.

One of the inaugural signatories to the American Bar Association’s Pledge on Lawyer Well-Being, our senior leadership took that pledge seriously with various actions and new initiatives, including by creating ML Well and establishing the new role of Chief Engagement Officer, a novel position within law firms.

ML Well recognizes the unique stressors and challenges that come with working in a law firm setting and takes an empirically based approach that promotes strategies and techniques backed by scientific research. This focus on well-being is not only the right thing for our lawyers and professional staff, it is also central to our ability to provide exceptional client service.


Our responsibility toward society, and the opportunity to be of service, is one we take very seriously—and have since our firm’s founding 150 years ago.


Adventures in Meaningful Work: Finding Purpose and Encouraging It in Others

Truly meaningful work means contributing to something greater than the self. At Morgan Lewis, we believe meaningful work contributes to the lasting well-being of our lawyers and professional staff.

Finding Meaning in Our Work Helps Us to Stay Engaged and Motivated, The Legal Intelligencer

Partners Louise Skinner, Sameer Mohan, and Wendy West Feinstein co-authored an article for The Legal Intelligencer, sharing insights from the ML Well Adventures in Meaningful Work discussion series in celebration of the Institute for Well-being in Law’s annual Well-Being in Law Week.

Primary Contacts

Amanda D. Smith

Chief Engagement Officer

Adam Reiber

Director of Employee Well-being