Press Release

Chambers USA 2020: 87 Morgan Lewis Practices Ranked, and 216 Lawyers Recognized


Eighty-seven Morgan Lewis practices and 216 lawyers were ranked in the 2020 edition of Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business. Twenty-seven practices earned Band 1 rankings, including 10 in nationwide tables. Additionally, 44 lawyers achieved Band 1 rankings, including 14 in nationwide sections. J. Gordon Cooney, Jr., leader of the firm’s global litigation practice, was named a Star Individual.

The rankings are the result of Chambers and Partners’ research and interviews with clients and members of the legal community.


Capital Markets: Securitization
Corporate/M&A: Highly Regarded
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)
ERISA Litigation
Investment Funds: Investor Representation
Labor & Employment
Projects: Power & Renewables: Transactional
Tax: Controversy


District of Columbia
Labor & Employment

Labor & Employment: Employee Benefits & Compensation

Hedge & Mutual Funds

New Jersey
Labor & Employment

New York
Corporate/M&A: Highly Regarded

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Labor & Employment
Litigation: White-Collar Crime and Government Investigations

Philadelphia & Surrounds
Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
Litigation: General Commercial

Labor & Employment


Reed Auerbach: Capital Markets: Securitization
Thomas Giblin, Jr.: Energy: Electricity (Finance)
Elizabeth Hanigan: Projects: Power & Renewables: Transactional
John Klauberg: Energy: Electricity (Transactional)
John Magee: Tax: Controversy
John McGuire: Investment Funds: Registered Funds
Barbara Murphy Melby: Outsourcing
Brian Ortelere: ERISA Litigation
Eleanor Pelta: Immigration
Kimberly Reisler: Energy: Electricity (Finance)
Louis Singer: Investment Funds: Investor Representation
Steven Stone: Financial Services Regulation: Broker-Dealer (Compliance)
Kathryn Sutton: Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)
Paul Zevnik: Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Policyholder

James Dragna: Environment
William Kissinger: Energy: State Regulatory & Litigation
James Vázquez-Azpiri: Immigration

District of Columbia
Rosina Barker: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
John Magee: Tax
Bill McKee: Tax
Eleanor Pelta: Immigration
Grace Speights: Labor & Employment
Howard Young: Healthcare
Paul Zevnik: Insurance: Policyholder

Sari Alamuddin: Labor & Employment

Jonathan Albano: Litigation: General Commercial
Richard Goldman: Hedge & Mutual Funds
Roger Joseph: Hedge & Mutual Funds
Daniel Savrin: Antitrust

New Jersey
Steven Cohen: Corporate/M&A
Richard Rosenblatt: Labor & Employment

New York
Samuel Shaulson: Labor & Employment

Michael Banks: Labor & Employment
John Dodds: Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
James McKenzie, Jr.: Corporate/M&A: Securities
Eric Sitarchuk: Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Marc Sonnenfeld: Litigation: Securities
Joanne Soslow: Corporate/M&A: Securities
Mims Maynard Zabriskie: Labor & Employment: Employee Benefits & Compensation

Philadelphia & Surrounds
Marc Sonnenfeld: Litigation: General Commercial

Pittsburgh & Surrounds
Marlee Myers: Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

Donna Clark: Healthcare
Susan Feigin Harris: Healthcare
Robert Sheeder: Labor & Employment


Ediscovery & Information Governance
Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation)
Energy: Electricity (Transactional)
Energy: Oil & Gas (Regulatory & Litigation)
Financial Services Regulation: Broker-Dealer (Compliance & Enforcement)
Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Policyholder
Investment Funds: Hedge Funds
Investment Funds: Registered Funds
Life Sciences
Product Liability & Mass Torts
Projects: Power
Projects: Renewables & Alternative Energy
Retail: Corporate & Transactional
Startups & Emerging Companies
Tax: Corporate & Finance

Banking & Finance
Corporate/M&A: Private Equity
Insurance: Policyholder
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property: Patent Prosecution
Labor & Employment
Life Sciences
Litigation: General Commercial
Litigation: Securities

District of Columbia
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Insurance: Policyholder
Telecommunications, Broadcast & Satellite

Labor & Employment
Litigation: General Commercial

Intellectual Property
Labor & Employment

Banking & Finance
Litigation: General Commercial

New Jersey

New York
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Labor & Employment
Technology & Outsourcing

Northern California

Intellectual Property
Real Estate

San Francisco, Silicon Valley & Surrounds
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

Intellectual Property
Litigation: General Commercial


Jonathan Albano: First Amendment Litigation
Neeraj Arora: Projects; Projects: Renewables & Alternative Energy
John Ayanian: Financial Services Regulation: Broker-Dealer (Compliance)
Jeremy Blumenfeld: ERISA Litigation
Eric Bord: Immigration
Giovanna Cinelli: International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions
Lea Anne Copenhefer: Investment Funds: Registered Funds
Deborah Davidson: ERISA Litigation
Christopher Dlutowski: Investment Funds: Investor Representation
Brad Fagg: Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)
Richard Filosa: Projects
Kirstin Gibbs: Energy: Oil & Gas (Regulatory & Litigation)
Richard Goldman: Investment Funds: Hedge Funds
Thomas Harman: Investment Funds: Registered Funds
Asa Herald: Capital Markets: Securitization
Reece Hirsch: Privacy & Data Security: Healthcare
John Hood: Energy: Electricity (Finance)
Charles Horn: Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Compliance)
Michel Yves Horton: Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Policyholder
Ben Indek: Securities: Regulation: Enforcement
Jeffrey Johnson: Capital Markets: Securitization
Matthew Joseph: Capital Markets: Securitization
Roger Joseph: Investment Funds: Registered Funds
Amy Natterson Kroll: Financial Services Regulation: Broker-Dealer (Compliance)
Timothy Levin: Investment Funds: Registered Funds
Steve Levitan: Capital Markets: Securitization
Thomas Linguanti: Tax: Controversy
Christine Lombardo: Investment Funds: Regulatory & Compliance
Joseph Lowell: Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation)
John Matthews: Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)
Timothy Matthews: Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)
Chris Menconi: Investment Funds: Registered Funds
Scott Milner: Ediscovery & Information Governance
Michael Muller: Projects
William Nelson: Tax: Controversy
Michael Pillion: Outsourcing
Thomas Poindexter: Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)
Alex Polonsky: Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)
Carrie Rief: Investment Funds: Investor Representation
David Salmons: Appellate Law
Edwin Smith: Banking & Finance
Wayne Song: Projects; Projects: Renewables & Alternative Energy
Stephen Spina: Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation)
Sanford Stark: Tax: Controversy
Paul R. St. Lawrence: Capital Markets: Securitization
James Tynion: Projects: Renewables & Alternative Energy
Jedd Wider: Investment Funds: Hedge Funds

Debra Fischer: Labor & Employment
Ella Foley Gannon: Environment
Reece Hirsch: Healthcare
Michel Yves Horton: Insurance: Policyholder
Rahul Kapoor: IT & Outsourcing: Transactions
William Kissinger: Energy: State Regulatory & Litigation
Molly Moriarty Lane: Healthcare
James Loss: Corporate/M&A: Private Equity
Barbara Miller: Labor & Employment
Jeffrey Raskin: Insurance: Policyholder
Melinda Riechert: Labor & Employment
Brian Rocca: Antitrust
Rick Rothman: Environment
Charlene Shimada: Litigation: Securities
Marshall Stoddard: Banking & Finance

Northern California
Barton Bassett: Tax
Rod Donnelly: Tax
Beth Williams: Tax

San Francisco, Silicon Valley & Surrounds
Zaitun Poonja: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

District of Columbia
Eric Bord: Immigration
Jennifer Breen: Tax
Daniel Chefitz: Insurance: Policyholder
Peter Daub: Tax
Althea Day: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Shannon Donnelly: Immigration
Scott Farmer: Tax
Keith Gottfried: Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
Gerald Konkel: Insurance: Policyholder
Andrew Lipman: Telecommunications, Broadcast & Satellite
Thomas Lotterman: Environment
Kathleen McDermott: Healthcare
William Nelson: Tax
Celia Roady: Tax
Jon Roellke: Antitrust: Litigation Specialists
Alex Sadler: Tax
Kathleen Sanzo: Healthcare: Pharmaceutical/Medical Products Regulatory
Albert Shay: Healthcare
Sanford Stark: Tax
Scott Stempel: Antitrust: Litigation Specialists
Willard Tom: Antitrust
Catherine Wang: Telecommunications, Broadcast & Satellite

Robert Brochin: Litigation: General Commercial
Anne Marie Estevez: Labor & Employment
Alison Tanchyk: Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Mark Zelek: Labor & Employment

Michael Abernathy: Intellectual Property
Deborah Davidson: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Tinos Diamantatos: Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Marla Kreindler: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Thomas Linguanti: Tax: Controversy
Daniel Salemi: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Jason White: Intellectual Property
Ami Wynne: Labor & Employment

Donald-Bruce Abrams: Tax
Robert Barry: Banking & Finance
John Brown: Tax
Steven Browne: Corporate/M&A
Laurie Cerveny: Corporate/M&A
Michael Conza: Private Equity: Venture Capital Investment
Lea Anne Copenhefer: Hedge & Mutual Funds
Steven Frank: Intellectual Property
Julia Frost-Davies: Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Matthew Furlong: Banking & Finance
Daniel Goldberg: Antitrust; Litigation: General Commercial 
Jordan Hershman: Litigation: Securities
Gerald Kehoe: Private Equity: Fund Formation
Amy Kyle: Banking & Finance
Jeffrey Moss: Insurance
Daniel Nelson: Tax
Edwin Smith: Banking & Finance; Bankruptcy/Restructuring
John Utzschneider: Corporate/M&A
Julio Vega: Private Equity: Venture Capital Investment
Sabin Willett: Bankruptcy/Restructuring

New Jersey
David Glazer: Corporate/M&A
Alan Leeds: Corporate/M&A
Christopher McAuliffe: Environment
John McGahren: Environment
David Schwartz: Corporate/M&A

New York
Alec Dawson: Corporate/M&A
Michael Kraut: Litigation: General Commercial
Stacey Anne Mahoney: Antitrust
Kelly Moore: Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Christopher Parlo: Labor & Employment
Harry Robins: Antitrust
Gary Rothstein: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Andrew Schaffran: Labor & Employment
Richard Taffet: Antitrust
Kenneth Turnbull: Labor & Employment
Richard Zarin: Tax

Bob Abramowitz: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Louis W. Beardell, Jr.: Intellectual Property
Sarah Bouchard: Labor & Employment
J.J. Broderick: Real Estate
Joseph Costello: Labor & Employment
Brian Dougherty: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Brendan Fee: Antitrust
John Ferreira: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Eric Kraeutler: Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Amy Pocino Kelly: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Bob Lichtenstein: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
John Pease: Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Steven Reed: Antitrust
Alan Singer: Corporate/M&A: Securities
Eric Stern: Real Estate
Glen Stuart: Environment
Steven Wall: Labor & Employment
William Zimmerman: Tax

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia & Surrounds
Richard Aldridge: Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
Troy Brown: Litigation: General Commercial
J. Gordon Cooney, Jr.: Litigation: General Commercial
John Goodchild: Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Rachel Jaffe Mauceri: Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Eric Kraeutler: Litigation: General Commercial
John Lavelle: Litigation: General Commercial
Jami McKeon: Litigation: General Commercial
Michael Pedrick: Banking & Finance
Barbara Shander: Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

Winn Carter: Litigation: General Commercial
Donna Clark: Healthcare
Ethel Johnson: Labor & Employment
Steve Korotash: Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
David Levy: Intellectual Property
Scott McBride: Healthcare
Stefanie Moll: Labor & Employment
Nancy Patterson: Labor & Employment
William Peterson: Litigation: Appellate