Conferences and Speeches

American Conference Institute’s 6th Russia & CIS Summit on Anti-Corruption

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 {ml-event-to} Thursday, March 27, 2014
01:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Morgan Lewis will be sponsoring ACI’s 6th Russia & CIS Summit on Anti-Corruption. Litigation partners Kevin Robinson, Vasilisa Strizh, and Kelly Moore will be participating as panelists at the upcoming conference, which attracts top FCPA compliance professionals, U.S. Government regulators, and leading anti-corruption attorneys.

Lotte Hotel
8, Novinskiy Bul
Moscow 121009 Russia

Tuesday, March 25 | 2:45 – 3:45 pm
Panelist: Kevin Robinson

Status Update on Global Enforcement of Anti-Corruption Laws: What the Latest FCPA and UKBA Government Investigations Reveal about Risks and Compliance Expectations for your Russian and CIS Operations

  • Update on current US and UK investigations, settlements and enforcement actions and implications on companies and individuals operating in Russia and CIS
  • Perception vs. reality: Are bribery risks getting worse in Russia?
  • Understanding what went wrong: How to learn from other companies’ trials and tribulations
  • Lessons to be learned from whistleblower provisions of the FCPA and UKBA
  • The impact of international cooperation: How the US DOJ and SEC coordinate investigations with other global enforcement agencies
  • Understanding SFO priorities and parameters for prosecuting companies and individuals

Tuesday, March 25 | 4:45 – 5:45 pm
Panelist: Vasilisa Strizh

The Anatomy of an Effective Internal Investigation into Bribery Allegations in Russia: How to Reconcile Local IP, Data and Privacy Laws

  • Understanding when an employer can process employee information under Russian law
  • Registering and complying with Roskomnadzor requirements
  • Obtaining proper consent from an employee before giving information to a third party
  • General consent v. special written consent
  • What exemptions apply and whether they apply to third party and cross-border transfers
  • What is your liability for violating local privacy laws: Criminal v. civil

Wednesday, March 26 | 10– 11 am
Panelist: Kelly Moore

Innovations in Anti-Corruption Compliance Programs for Russia and the CIS

With the nature of global anti-corruption investigations continuing to evolve, so must your compliance program. To better respond to heightened enforcement risk, companies are continuously innovating to improve compliance and strengthen anti-corruption risk awareness. Back by popular demand, this exclusive panel will present some of the innovations that are the highlight of 2013.

  • How to best leverage the technology, expertise and other resources from all departments to enhance compliance
  • Managing the interplay between security, trade and anti-corruption functions: Refining your cross-department communication and compliance risk strategies
  • Using technology to detect bribery: How analyzing emails and data can help find evidence of cash payments and offshore accounts
  • How to efficiently mine data during compliance program monitoring and investigations