Press Release

Morgan Lewis Partner Co-Writes New Book on the Regulation of Exchange-Traded Funds

February 02, 2016

WASHINGTON, February 2, 2016: Morgan Lewis Investment Management partner W. John McGuire, leader of the firm’s Registered Funds Practice, has co-written a new book called "Regulation of Exchange-Traded Funds." The book is a comprehensive and practical guide written by practitioners for practitioners on the legal, regulatory, and related issues raised by exchange-traded funds or "ETFs." 

"Regulation of Exchange-Traded Funds" provides practical and regulatory advice on the myriad legal, regulatory, and compliance issues that must be dealt with properly when registering and operating ETFs.

It covers topics such as the ETF marketplace, ETF operations, ETF regulation, ETF selling activities and other exchange-traded products. This comprehensive guide will keep practitioners up to date on ETF developments as the area of law grows through the years.

Mr. McGuire wrote the book with securities law experts Thomas P. Lemke, who serves as an independent director for a number of funds, and Gerald T. Lins, general counsel of Voya Investment Management.

John McGuire counsels clients on investment company and investment adviser regulatory issues and related issues affecting broker-dealers and transfer agents. He routinely handles matters involving the establishment, representation, and counseling of ETFs, their advisers, and listing markets. Mr. McGuire has worked on some of the key ETF legal milestones, including the first fixed-income ETFs, the first 12(d)(1) relief for ETFs, actively managed ETFs, leveraged and inverse ETFs, and the first ETF in a master-feeder structure.