Press Release

Morgan Lewis Receives High Rankings in 2017 and 2018 for Shareholder Activism Defense

Friday, July 13, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC, July 13, 2018: Morgan Lewis has received top rankings in the shareholder activism defense league tables compiled by The Deal for 2017 and 2018, continuing our ascent as one of the world’s go-to law firms for public companies and their boards of directors concerned with being in the crosshairs of an activist shareholder.

 Of all law firms ranked by The Deal for shareholder activism defense in 2017, Morgan Lewis was ranked third, and of all law firms ranked by The Deal for shareholder activism defense in 2018, Morgan Lewis was ranked fourth. These rankings are as of July 9, 2018, and are based on the number of publicly disclosed activism campaigns where Morgan Lewis advised a public company targeted by an activist shareholder. This is the latest major league table ranking to place Morgan Lewis near the top for shareholder activism defense.

 Morgan Lewis’s top-ranked and nationally recognized shareholder activism defense practice advises numerous public companies, based in the United States and abroad, across a broad array of industries with respect to preparing for and/or responding to high-profile proxy contests, special meeting demands, consent solicitations, withhold and vote-no campaigns, shareholder proposals, and other activist shareholder campaigns. Morgan Lewis’s shareholder activism defense practice also advises public companies and their boards of directors on the latest techniques for lessening a company’s vulnerability to activist shareholders and on strategic communications, board composition enhancement programs, and corporate governance matters, as well as strategies and best practices for engaging with shareholders.