U.S. Embassy in Tokyo Accepting Nonimmigrant Visa Applications on Limited Emergency Basis

March 15, 2011

Due to the recent seismic events in Japan, the Embassy's first priority is assisting U.S. citizens who may be injured or missing. Nonimmigrant visa applicants with appointments this week should reschedule their appointments for a later date. Nonimmigrant visas will be issued for emergency travel in very limited circumstances, including the following:

  • Urgent medical treatment
  • Personal or family illness or death
  • Student/exchange visitor applicants who need to register with schools/organizations by the date listed on their I-20 or DS-2019
  • or P visa applicants who must arrive in the United States in time for their performance or play

You may find an emergency appointment request form at

For information on the whereabouts and welfare of family and friends in Japan, please consult the State Department's website ( or call the toll-free number 1.888.407.4747 or 1.202.501.4444.

The Embassy has also provided the notice in Japanese:

ビザ申請者の皆様へ - 新しい情報





  • 緊急医療、
  • 家族の病気または死亡、
  • 学生または交流訪問者で、I-20やDS-2019に記載されている日までに学校または受入れ機関に登録する必要がある、または
  • OまたはPビザ申請者で、公演・競技に間に合うよう米国に到着する必要がある。


For more information, or if you have any questions regarding the issues discussed in this Immigration Alert, please contact any of the following attorneys: