Seventh Annual Advanced Topics in Hedge Fund Practices, Part 1: SEC Enforcement Developments

May 01, 2014

Morgan Lewis is proud to present a twelve-part podcast recording from our May 1, 2014 conference, Advanced Topics in Hedge Fund Practices.

Morgan Lewis partners Jedd Wider and Timothy Levin chaired this twelve-part, in-depth discussion of U.S. and international advanced hedge fund topics focusing on manager and investor perspectives.

In Part 1, Merri Jo Gillette and Ivan Harris discuss current and important SEC enforcement trends and issues in the hedge fund industry.

See also:

  • Part 2: Regulatory and Inspection Priorities for Private Fund Advisers
  • Part 3: Developments in Hedge Fund Terms: Asks and Gets
  • Part 4: Current M&A Issues in Transactions Involving the Advisors Act
  • Part 5: Dodd Frank Developments: Documentation and Clearing
  • Part 6: Getting Alternatives into Defined Contribution Plans
  • Part 7: The Revised Cayman Islands Exempted Limited Partnership Law is Almost Here
  • Part 8: Islamic Fund Products, Shari’a Law Issues and Marketing to the Middle East and AIFMD
  • Part 9: A Discussion Regarding the Retention and Protection of your Human Capital and Proprietary Information, and an Update on New York Developments in Employment Law
  • Part 10: FATCA: Registration, Compliance and Key Issues
  • Part 11: Trading and Investment Practices and Market Structure Developments Affecting Hedge Funds
  • Part 12: OFAC Sanctions and Compliance Requirements for Hedge Funds