Regulation AB II: A New World for Securitizations

October 14, 2014

The October 13, 2014, issue of Bloomberg BNA’s Securities Regulation and Law Report contains an article titled “Regulation AB II: A New World for Securitizations,” authored by Morgan Lewis structured transactions attorney Charlie Sweet. In the article, Charlie discusses many of the new requirements that will be imposed by newly-adopted Reg. AB II. These include a requirement to disclose a variety of standardized asset-level data points in public offerings of RMBS, CMBS, automobile loan and lease ABS, debt security ABS (i.e., repacks), and resecuritizations. ABS shelf issuers will have to contend with several new shelf eligibility requirements, including a certification by the CEO of the depositor as to the disclosure in the prospectus and the structure of the securitization, and also will be required to prepare and file a preliminary prospectus no more than three business days before any securities are sold.