Deadline for Filing BE-10 Has Been Extended for New Filers

May 29, 2015

The new deadline is June 30.

On May 19, we issued a LawFlash regarding the BE-10 reporting requirements for private funds and private fund managers. The LawFlash indicates that most private funds or their managers will be required to file a BE-10 with the US Department of Commerce by today, May 29. Today, the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis has extended the reporting deadline for new filers[1] to June 30, 2015.[2] For additional information regarding the BE-10 and reporting requirements for private funds and private fund managers, see our previous LawFlash.


If you have any questions or would like more information on the BE-10 reporting requirements, please contact any of the following Morgan Lewis lawyers:

Richard A. Goldman

Ethan W. Johnson
Joy Crutcher Harrison

[1]. A new filer is a person who has never filed any BEA survey of US direct investment abroad, including the BE-10, BE-11, and BE-577 surveys.

[2]. The extension announcement can be found here.