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Effective Self-Promotion for Young Lawyers, Law Practice Today

April 14, 2017

You didn’t learn it in law school and not many people are talking about it at your workplace, but as a young lawyer, you must recognize that self-promotion is a critical skill for your career success. You can’t just “put your head down,” do your work, and hope that your efforts will be adequately recognized later. Although engaging in self-promotion this early in your career may seem daunting and premature, learning how to effectively promote yourself is an essential part of building your reputation and developing your practice. And the sooner you start, the more opportunities you will create for yourself in your career.

What is effective self-promotion? At its core, it’s about communicating your value and worth as a lawyer to the people around you. While it would be nice if your efforts and talents were readily recognized, the plain truth is you must be proactive, and publicize your experience and capabilities so that others know what you have to offer. Effective self-promotion is a skill that requires thoughtful and consistent practice. This article discusses strategies for how you as a young lawyer can develop self-promotion skills and how to apply them within your organization and in the broader legal community. A comprehensive approach involves finding opportunities to demonstrate your legal skills and expertise, and communicating the positive results you achieve to the audiences that matter.

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