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Russia Chapter - Practical Considerations to Negotiate an Enforceable Joint Operating Agreement, Wolters Kluwer


Because agreements concerning oil and gas upstream activities have historically been developed in common law jurisdictions, a growing concern for the petroleum industry is that a some upstream investment might not be enforceable in a civil law jurisdiction to the extent the same standards/concepts are used without any adaptation. This is why it is essential to understand and analyse how to implement a Joint Operating Agreement in civil law countries.

This new edition of this unique in-depth treatment of JOAs under civil law offers a new abundance of practical considerations addressing enforceability issues in a wide variety of civil law jurisdictions likely to be conducting joint operations among two or more parties. The country-by-country analysis helps greatly in ensuring that such issues and topics will be covered in a contract subject to civil law.

Morgan Lewis lawyers Jon Hines and Alexander Marchenko authored the Russia chapter.

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