CBP Announces the Expansion of Global Entry to UK Citizens

November 10, 2015

Registration begins December 3. 

On November 3, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) commissioner announced the expansion of Global Entry to UK citizens. Global Entry, a CBP Trusted Traveler program, allows for expedited clearance of preapproved, low-risk travelers. As an added benefit, Global Entry members are also eligible to participate in the TSA Pre✓ expedited screening program.

The registration process is quite straightforward. UK citizens will apply through the UK Home Office’s website and pay a £42 processing fee. Successful applicants will receive an access code to enter when applying for Global Entry through CBP’s Global Online Enrollment System. The nonrefundable application fee for a five-year Global Entry membership is $100, and applications must be made online. Once an application is approved, a CBP officer will conduct a scheduled interview with the applicant and make a final eligibility determination. Although no traveler is guaranteed expedited screening, this expansion should facilitate travel for low-risk travelers from the UK significantly.

Similarly, US citizens are eligible to apply for the UK’s trusted traveler program, Registered Traveller. Members enrolled in Registered Traveller may use e-gates at airports in the UK. The service costs £70 to apply and an additional £50 a year thereafter. If an application is unsuccessful, the applicant will receive £50 back. To qualify for Registered Traveller, a US citizen must make four trips to the UK per year.


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