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ERISA Class Exemptions, Fourth Edition (Bloomberg BNA)


ERISA Class Exemptions, Third Edition provides a complete, up-to-date resource on ERISA class exemptions. It includes class exemption grants, amendments, and proposals, covering such important developments as the amended QPAM Exemptions, new automatic rollover safe harbor, and proposed expanded relief for securities lending.

In addition, the reference includes:

  • Full text of each exemption—proposed, interim, and final versions
  • Explanatory preambles from the Federal Register
  • Corrections and amendments
  • References to DOL letters
  • Discussion of court decisions
  • Citations to individual (nonclass) exemptions
  • Indexes—by topic and applicant

ERISA Class Exemptions, Third Edition with 2009 Cumulative Supplement is an indispensable tool for benefits lawyers, particularly those who deal with fiduciary and investment issues. It covers:

  • Updates to administrative class exemptions
  • Statutory exemptions added by the Pension Protection Act of 2006
  • An overview of each new or revised exemption and its conditions
  • The text for statutory exemptions
  • The text of Federal Register notices of proposed and final exemptions
  • Additional information about related individual exemptions or advisory opinions

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