Ahren C. Hsu-Hoffman

Of Counsel

Ahren Hsu-Hoffman has over a decade of experience litigating patent infringement disputes and representing clients in IP matters. Ahren’s experience includes litigating district court cases which have involved everything from utility patents on computer networking technology, drones, video-on-demand systems, garage door openers, and kayaks to design patents covering women’s ballet flats. Many of Ahren’s cases have gone all the way to trial. Ahren has broad experience handling all phases of district court litigation, including arguing at claim construction hearings, deposing technical experts, creating technology tutorials and demonstratives, and preparing inventors, executives, and experts to testify at trial. Ahren also frequently handles inter partes reviews and other trial proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and has experience litigating IP cases before the US International Trade Commission.