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Health Law Scan

Legal Insights and Perspectives for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers dedicate approximately $39 billion per year to administrative activities related to regulatory compliance, according to research conducted by the American Hospital Association, which found the pace of regulatory changes “has begun to exceed many providers’ ability to absorb them.” To that end, understanding the federal rulemaking process and knowing when and how to get involved is critical for the healthcare industry.

In a recent webinar, Susan Harthill, Jonathan Snare, and Timothy Lynch addressed the ins and outs of the federal rulemaking process, including:

  • The differences between rules, policy statements, and other types of guidance
  • Why submitting comments is more critical now than ever
  • Whether, when, and how to challenge a rule
  • What triggers the rulemaking process? How is the sausage made?
  • Knowing when an agency is considering a rulemaking

The process of establishing public policy is rapidly changing. While Congress still legislates and the executive branch still administers, the procedures under which those processes occur are transforming how the healthcare industry interacts with federal, state, and even local governmental entities. This change is putting a premium on having partners who can help organizations navigate the new terrain and advise on the best course of action to achieve the most favorable outcome.

>Listen to the webinar.