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Morgan Lewis’s immigration lawyers prepared a LawFlash for all employers explaining the impact of the demise of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
Our labor and employment practice lawyers prepared a LawFlash reminding employers, including those in the nuclear industry, to be mindful of federal and state laws related to leaves, planned and unplanned absences, accommodations, and pay practices as they begin the journey to recover from the hurricane.

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September 07, 2017
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Hurricane Harvey leaves a legacy of unprecedented legal and business challenges. Morgan Lewis has developed a series of client alerts designed to provide guidance on the complex legal and business implications of Hurricane Harvey.

On August 23, 2017, the US Department of Energy issued the “Staff Report to the Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability” (Staff Report). The Staff Report was commissioned by the Secretary of Energy to provide an assessment of the reliability and resilience of the US electrical grid.
Court rules that the ADA does not create a loophole to NRC fitness-for-duty and security regulations.
The nuclear industry periodically has urged the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to more diligently apply the backfit rule when NRC staff attempts to change its position without proper justification.
The Atomic Energy Act retains an outdated restriction that prohibits foreign ownership, control or domination (FOCD) of commercial reactor licenses. Foreign companies have been able to make substantial investments in US commercial reactor assets, but because of the current restriction, they are effectively required to partner with a US company that exercises “control” over the assets.
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