Conferences and Speeches

ALI-ABA Investment Company Regulation and Compliance

Thursday, July 21, 2011 {ml-event-to} Friday, July 22, 2011
01:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

This two-day conference, comprising 12 full hours of instruction, provides the most comprehensive instruction available in mutual fund law and compliance—the foundational principles, core regulations, and important current developments. Leading faculty experts unpack the major securities laws and how they affect the operations of the fund and its service providers (advisers, distributors, transfer agents, and administrators). Originally designed by regulators for their staff and presented by ALI-ABA since 1975, this content-rich program is unequalled for its breath and quality of instruction and written materials. Timely updates in every substantive area of mutual fund law make it compelling for new and repeat registrants.

July 21–22, 2011

The Langham Boston Hotel
Boston, MA

Thursday July 21

Fund Registration and Disclosure—Tom Harman and John McGuire
This panel provides practical guidance on recurring disclosure issues faced by all practitioners. The panelists examine certain transactions occurring frequently in today's economy. Topics include:

  • Overview of SEC registration of a mutual fund and its securities
  • Updates to the prospectus (485a filings vs. 485b filings, prospectus stickers)
  • The new Summary Prospectus
  • Fund mergers
  • Fund adoptions
Selling the Fund's Shares—Tom Harman and John McGuire
Panelists provide practical guidance on legal issues raised by various distribution channels and distribution partners. They also discuss recent trends in distribution practices. Topics include:
  • Multiclass funds and fund of funds
  • Revenue sharing between funds and intermediaries
  • Fund supermarkets retirement platforms
  • Omnibus accounts, redemption fees, and shareholder information- sharing arrangements

Friday, July 22

Portfolio Management and Trading—Tom Harman
Experts provide a practical look at the "inner core" of managing a mutual fund and examine some of the most frequently encountered day-to-day trading issues. The panelists discuss:
  • Dissecting a trade (Process Map); required recordkeeping
  • Trade allocation and cross trades
  • Trade errors
  • Best execution, including dark pools

Affiliated Transactions and Other Operational Issues—Tom Harman
A comprehensive overview of affiliated transactions and how to analyze them is offered in this segment, which also includes discussion of recent developments involving personal trading. Topics include:
  • Fiduciary considerations and managing potential conflicts of interest
  • Personal trading and code of ethics
  • Affiliated transactions under Section 17 and Section 10(f)
  • Pricing and valuation of portfolio securities