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Crossover Issues for Immigration Lawyers Representing Employers

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Immigration partner Lisa S. Burton will participate in Crossover Issues for Immigration Lawyers Representing Employers, a live webinar organized and hosted by the American Immigration Lawyers Association.  

Have you ever said to yourself, “Help! I need to know employment law!”? Immigration and employment law frequently intersect and employers expect answers. What do you advise when an employee admits to fabricating information on an I-9? Is an H-1B employee eligible for FMLA? How do the Fair Labor Standards Act laws interact with immigrant workers? Is a covenant not to compete an issue? Can the employer ask for moving costs from an H-1B worker? This seminar helps you find answers to these issues and more. 

The discussion will address:

  • Pre-hire and hiring concerns when employing foreign nationals.
  • Wage and hour concerns with different NIV categories
  • Applicability of discrimination protection statutes to foreign national workers
  • Employees working under a false name:  potential issues
  • Employment contracts or restrictive covenants and nonimmigrant Workers
  • Layoff/severance issues for foreign national workers

This 90-minute webinar will be recorded live.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
2-3 pm ET

CLE Credit:
AILA will file for CLE and specialized credit in all jurisdictions with mandatory CLE and specialized requirements. More details about specific approvals will be available here closer to the seminar date.