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A Practical Guide for US Patent Practice

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
02:00 PM - 05:30 PM Japan Standard Time

The discussion was held in Tokyo, Japan regarding the practical guide for US patent practice and recent developments in US patent law.

Introduction | 2:00–2:05 pm

Patentable Subject Matter
| 2:05–2:40 pm
Janice H. Lee and Kosuke Kimoto (of SOEI)

米国最高裁判所は、最近、米国連邦巡回裁判所のAriosa DiagnosticsInc. v. SequenomInc.における特許適格性を検討する申立書を拒否する決断をくだしました。しかし、その後、米国連邦巡回裁判所は、いくつかの地方裁判所における特許適格性の判決を覆したため、これらの判決をうけて、我々は、何が特許不適格であるのか、というよりむしろ、何が特許適格性の対象となり得るのかという判断を行うことができるようになりました。従って、セミナーにおいては、裁判所の判決文の内容、及び現在使用されている米国特許庁の審査基準をどのように実務で使用できるかどうかについて解説します。

The US Supreme Court recently denied a petition to review the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s determination of patent-ineligibility in Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc. v. Sequenom, Inc. In the last few months, however, the Federal Circuit overturned some district court decisions that certain patents were directed to patent-ineligible subject matter and shed some light on what would be patent-eligible rather than ineligible. Please join us for a review of the recent guidelines from the courts and to discuss practical use of currently available US Patent and Trademark Office examination guidelines for obtaining patents.

US and JP Arguments for Novelty and Inventive Step
| 2:50–3:30 pm
Janice H. Lee and Yoshinori Shimizu (of SOEI)


The United States and Japan have different laws and rules for novelty and inventive step, and an effective response to an examiner’s rejection must be in accordance with each country’s practice. We will discuss how to better respond to US and Japan novelty and inventive step rejections.

After-Final Practice
| 3:40–4:00 pm
Jeff Killian and Emi Kondo (of SOEI)


The US patent office recently announced its new Post-Prosecution Pilot (P3) Program to accommodate communications between applicants and examiners after a final office action. We will review different practices after a final office action in the United States and Japan and discuss how to expedite prosecution depending on the case.

| 4:00–4:20 pm

Enhanced Damages
| 4:20–4:40 pm
Robert Smyth and Takahiro Yanagimoto (of SOEI)


The US Supreme Court recently restored the statutory discretion of district courts in determining enhanced patent infringement damages. We will review and discuss the current US law regarding enhanced damages and the effect of the recent developments on opinion and prelitigation practice.

Patent Enforcement in China
| 4:50–5:20 pm
Robert Busby and Xi Ling Fang (of SOEI)


Since three regional intellectual property–focused courts’ establishment, the patent practice in China has evolved significantly, particularly for foreign companies that operate in the intellectual property space in the country. We will review and discuss the recent developments in enforcing and licensing patent rights in China.

| 5:20–5:30 pm

| 5:30–6:30 pm

There is no cost to attend.


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