Conferences and Speeches

The 5th Annual IP Enforcement Summit: Silicon Valley

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The IP Enforcement Summit explores benchmarks and challenges the enforcement strategies that operating companies are implementing, how they can be improved and where current trends are heading. Most importantly, the conference looks at how these enforcement strategies can fit into an organization’s goals and larger IP strategy.

Companies still enforce when they believe their innovation and patents are being infringed. The stakes are high - revenue, market share, and stock price are all on the line. What are some best practices to achieve your goals?

Intellectual property partner Michael Lyons will be on the panel “Enforcement & Litigation Strategies.” This panel will examine:

  • Be ready: Prepare to succeed or prepare to fail
  • The difference between facing rivals and non-core operating companies
  • Due diligence on potential infringers
  • Pushing for the right settlement
  • Gearing up to go to trial

CLE credit: Please see the event website for CLE information.