Conferences and Speeches

WeForShe: Beyond the Numbers – Women's Executive Network 3rd Annual Conference

Friday, March 2, 2018

Labor and employment partner Lesli Ligorner will speak at “Together We Can: Supporting Female Inclusion and Advancement at Every Stage,” an executive panel hosted by AmCham Shanghai.

The discussion will be framed around a recent Women in Business study which found that 90% of respondents (both men and women) think women have what it takes to succeed in business; 95% think that women are as ambitious as men; and 57% of corporate recruiters feel women are better job candidates than men. Yet, 70% of respondents believe men are better suited to succeed in “today’s business climate.” How can this be? To succeed, it’s not only about sharing skills and knowledge with women, but also how we are treating one another. What are some ways we can share, connect and celebrate each other to advance towards equality at every stage?