Morgan Lewis Seminars

Pennsylvania Bar Institute Cyberlaw Update

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Pittsburgh session of the annual Cyberlaw Update for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI) took place on July 17 at the PBI Professional Development Conference Center. The update, which entered its 21st year, was moderated by Peter Watt-Morse and focused on current hot-button issues, including blockchain and cryptocurrency and security and privacy concerns related to social media, the Internet of Things (IoT), General Data Protection Regulation, and the dark web.

In addition to Peter, Emily Lowe spoke on privacy and security concerns regarding social media from both a policy and regulatory standpoint in the wake of the disclosures related to Cambridge Analytica; and Ben Klaber reviewed such concerns as they apply to the burgeoning market of IoT devices. Our speakers were joined by Steve Matsumoto from Carnegie Mellon University, who teaches classes in blockchain technology; Angie Keating from Reclamere, who advises law firms on avoiding and responding to cyberattacks; and David Palmer from Redmorph, a company developing browser controllers that allows consumers to avoid unwanted tracking.