Conferences and Speeches

4th Annual Investors’ Conference on Online Lending

Friday, November 2, 2018

Morgan Lewis sponsored the fourth Annual Investors' Conference on Online Lending, November 2 in New York City.

As the online lending industry continues to expand its ABS aspirations in terms of volume and variety of assets, platforms will need to ensure stable and diverse sources of funding to maintain this growth amongst an ever-growing FinTech landscape. From whole loan portfolio sales, banks unveiling new digital lending strategies, to securitization and the potential for a broker-driven secondary market, this conference explored efforts that are underway to ensure a resilient securitization market for the online lending long-term game plan. This conference covered emerging best practices and standards, latest concepts in bank partnerships, and the various types of assets funded; and also explored the fluid landscape of regulations directed at the online lending sector, and the impact of operating a business in these frameworks.

The Role of Securitization as Funding Models Mature
Cory Barry, speaker