Conferences and Speeches

ACI’s 18th Annual Rx Drug Pricing Master Class

Friday, November 30, 2018
03:30 PM - 04:30 PM ET

Litigation-healthcare partner Andy Ruskin will present on a panel titled “Overcoming New and Evolving Challenges in the Pricing of Specialty Products” at the ACI’s 18th Annual Rx Drug Pricing Master Class.

Topics will include:

  • What qualifies as a specialty pharmaceutical, and how are they different from other drugs?
  • What are some of the factors considered when pricing a specialty product?
  • Evaluating the EpiPen hearings and their impact on pricing
  • The impact of Trump’s White Paper and any implementation thereof on SP products
  • Adhering to HRSA’s 340B requirements with respect to limited distribution drugs
  • Choosing a specialty pharmacy distribution chain, a buy and bill distribution chain, or both
  • Rules regarding “bridge” programs
  • What are the pricing and contracting compliance issues that exist in personalized medicine and gene therapies?
  • Discussing bills at the federal and state levels in relation to opioids
    • What theories are states using against opioid manufacturers that effect pricing?
    • The recent tax in New York on opioids within the state
    • What other states are planning to tax the product?
  • Exploring the rising prices on opioid inhibiting drugs
  • What are the evolving pricing risks going forward?