Conferences and Speeches

VC Taskforce/AAMA CVC Roundtable – Breakthrough Trends in Mobility

April 30, 2019

6:00 PM | Registration
6:30 PM | Panel Discussion and Q&A
8:30 PM | Networking

The future of mobility and transportation is taking off at dizzying speeds. Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs, investors and corporations alike. How can you capitalize on the future of transportation now? Join us to hear from a panel of visionary experts on the future of transportation.

Morgan Lewis partner John Park will moderate the panel alongside Charlene Yu Vaughn, CEO of The Algonquin Group. Panelists include John Suh, managing director of Hyundai CRADLE; Peter Berger, director of innovation, EmbraerX; Ulysses Vinson, director, San Mateo County Innovation Labs (SMC Labs); and Dan Hoffer, managing director, AutoTech Ventures.