DIA-CoRE Singapore Annual Meeting: Driving Healthcare Innovation and Collaboration in Asia

Monday, July 13, 2020 - Tuesday, July 14, 2020

In the current landscape of rapid advances in medical sciences and technology, many opportunities abound for improving the quality and delivery of healthcare. New technology, systems and concepts are constantly explored to bring better health outcomes for patients. Beyond innovations in health products, IT continue to advance the changes with increasing utility of data sciences and Artificial Intelligence in transforming healthcare management. Given the complex interactions among the stakeholders, it is vital to be well-informed of the significant progresses and collaboration with relevant stakeholders to fully harness the value of this exciting evolution in healthcare.

Program Highlights

  • Innovations and new paradigms that redefined healthcare
  • Data sciences for enhancing the quality of patient care in Asia
  • Convergence and reliance pathways – fostering partnerships among stakeholders
  • Town hall on ASEAN regulatory matters

Who should attend?

  • Industry professionals in pharmaceuticals and medical technologies involved in research & development, regulatory affairs, market access, and medical affairs
  • Regulators and personnel from health authorities and ministries
  • Academia and researchers