Pro Bono Roundtable: Work and COVID-19: How to protect your workers and yourself. Modes of work, personal data, checks. What you need to know and what to remember.

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Thursday, December 10, 2020
02:00 PM - 05:00 PM Moscow Time
06:00 AM - 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Our Moscow office hosted a virtual roundtable for pro bono clients to address COVID-19 work related matters. The key topics included special rules that employers and employees must adhere to comply with the COVID-19 restrictions and regulations; recent changes to the Russian labor law allowing distant and agile working regimes; how to properly collect and share health data as required by the COVID-19 legislation; and how to be prepared for an unscheduled visit from the government authorities to inspect compliance with the COVID-19 restrictions and special rules.

The presentation included a lively Q&A session. More than 20 non-profits participated in the roundtable including Children’s Villages SOS Russia, a charity helping orphan children; NB, a children's neuroblastoma cancer foundation; Nochlezhka, a charity helping the homeless; Vtoroe Dykhanie (Second Breath), a charity helping people from socially vulnerable groups; Takie Dela (So It Goes), a charity promoting charitable activities and helping other charities; Vverkh (Step Up), a foundation offering education for pupils and graduates of psycho-neurological institutions; KPMG Charitable Foundation; Nuzhna Pomosch (Help Needed), a charitable foundation helping other charities; Bolshaya Peremena (Big Change), a charitable foundation and educational center for orphan children and orphanage graduates; and Our Children, a charity preventing social orphanhood and helping children without parental care. Many of them are our pro bono clients.

Our presenters were Litigation partner Dmitry Ivanov, LEPG of counsel Bela Pelman, CBT associate Anastasia Kiseleva and CBT partner Vasilisa Strizh.