Press Release

Morgan Lewis Extends Innovative Global Alliance with Exigent to Offer Industry-Leading Contract Management Solution

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

NEW YORK, October 7, 2015: Morgan Lewis has partnered with global legal services outsourcing organization Exigent Group Limited to offer clients a new contract lifecycle management solution. The new offering comes after the two partners formed a global alliance last fall to offer cross-border litigation support and eDiscovery solutions to corporates.

Developed by Exigent, Chameleon™ is an advanced proprietary contract management technology which simplifies the process of negotiating, organizing and enforcing contracts for clients around the world. Combining legal expertise, technology and analytics, Chameleon™ is the first solution to allow law firms to extract and aggregate unstructured data from legacy systems and reconcile contract reality with payment and cash flow reality. Chameleon’s focus on collaboration and efficiency ensures the legal function is integrated with commercial processes, allowing legal departments to deliver quantifiable value to their organization. Coupled with the legal expertise of established lawyers in different geographies, Chameleon™ offers unparalleled solutions to GC’s and lawyers to manage corporate contracts, commitments and compliance.  

“Our clients count on us to deliver innovative and effective commercial solutions that reduce risk, and simplify the contract management life cycle,” said Stephanie A. “Tess” Blair, founder and leader of Morgan Lewis’s eData practice. “Our collaboration with Exigent demonstrates our commitment to providing clients with industry-leading service and outstanding value.” 

Exigent CEO David Holme commented: “Efficient contract management and compliance is a top priority on most corporate agendas. To get the best value from their contract base, corporates now need a mix of legal expertise, cost-effective resourcing and most importantly, technology. Our extended service with Morgan Lewis addresses this - and clearly shows the benefits of marrying global legal and litigation advice with advanced e-solutions for cross-border contract management.”