Press Release

Morgan Lewis Lawyers Pen Chapter on Class Actions in New Edition of Leading Commercial Litigation Guide

Thursday, March 30, 2017

PHILADELPHIA, March 30, 2017: A team of Morgan Lewis lawyers co-authored the comprehensive Class Actions chapter in the recently released fourth edition of Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, published by Thomson Reuters with the American Bar Association Section of Litigation. Lawyers at the firm have contributed the chapter to the treatise from the time of its initial publication in 1998.

Co-authored by litigation partners J. Gordon Cooney, Jr., Joseph Fay, and Gregory Fouts, and retired partner John Peloso, the 370-page class actions chapter offers an in-depth analysis of a number of key aspects of class action law and procedure. The chapter explores key phases of class action procedure, beginning with an examination of the provisions of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure and the prerequisites for class certification, to the actual application of class action principles in particular kinds of cases. Along the way, it highlights a number of special procedural and constitutional issues that arise in the class action context.

Nearly 300 principal authors contributed 153 chapters to Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, Fourth Edition, including 27 judges and many of the most distinguished commercial litigators in the United States. The treatise serves as a step-by-step practice guide covering every aspect of a commercial case, from the investigation and assessment that takes place at the inception, through pleadings, discovery, motions, trial, appeal, and enforcement of judgment.

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