Press Release

Morgan Lewis Named #1 Most Innovative Law Firm by BTI Consulting Group

Thursday, September 6, 2018

PHILADELPHIA, September 6, 2018: BTI Consulting Group has recognized Morgan Lewis as the top Innovation Champion in its first-ever “BTI Legal Innovation and Technology Outlook: Clients Rank Their Needs and Law Firm Performance.” Morgan Lewis ranked #1 out of 52 firms described as the “definitive list of the most innovative law firms as ranked by general counsel and top legal decision makers. These firms are reshaping the legal market to better serve clients.”

“Morgan Lewis has long been at the forefront of leveraging technology and other innovative approaches to better serve our clients, including our elite eData practice; our cutting-edge Parallex system, a sophisticated data analytics tool that can help us project likely case outcomes; and our technology-driven Remote Working Program, which enables eligible associates to work outside the office,” said Firm Chair Jami McKeon. “These results from BTI are particularly satisfying because they are based on assessments from our clients and show our firm is succeeding in efforts that are critical to their futures.”

Morgan Lewis also placed highly in the four categories seen as driving legal innovation:

  • Legal Movers & Shakers are the 150 law firms “making bold moves which are strategically and tactically impressive,” such as making investments in new and important practices. We are ranked among the four top-tier firms in this category.
  • Law Firm Technology Leaders are the 61 firms “using technology to effectively—and positively—impact the client experience.” Our firm is named among the top seven in this category.   
  • Innovation Builders are the 179 firms recognized by clients as “being the first to try new approaches and embrace a new way of thinking when it comes to tackling clients’ issues.” We are ranked among the top 16 here.
  • Client Experience Innovators are the 285 firms that are revolutionizing how they manage clients and their relationships, including “delivering a uniformly high level of service across the team, practices, offices, and firm.” Morgan Lewis is named among the top 18 in this category.

BTI based its results on “more than 359 interviews with strategically selected top legal decision makers in the US at companies with $1 billion or more in revenue.” Respondents were asked to identify law firms according to four criteria: “making moves others don’t; adopting processes or technologies others don’t use; focusing on the client experience at levels surpassing everyone else; using technology to improve efficiency and meet specific client needs.”

See the complete BTI report for more details here.