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French Law Requires Companies to Employ Workers with Disabilities, SHRM

December 04, 2019

Morgan Lewis partner Charles Dauthier was interviewed by SHRM for an article about a French law that requires employers in France with more than 20 employees to have workers with disabilities account for 6% of their total workforce. Charles noted, "The disabled worker does not have the obligation to disclose such status, either during the job interview or during the performance of the employment contract. Demanding employees to disclose such information would violate their right to privacy."

Instead, he suggests the following for employers in France:

  • Remind all employees that the workplace is disability-friendly.
  • Tell all employees that workers with disabilities cannot be discriminated against based on their health status and that they may benefit from certain protections and supports.
  • Don't imply the employee should start the process to get disabled worker status, since this could violate his or her right to privacy.

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