Press Release

Yale Law Women Recognizes Morgan Lewis as Top Firm for Women in Leadership

May 26, 2020

NEW YORK, May 26, 2020: Yale Law Women has named Morgan Lewis as one of four law firms designated as the “Top Firms for Women in Leadership” in its 2020 Top Firms for Gender Equity & Family Friendliness report. The report honors firms for achievements in specific areas that relate to overall gender equity and family friendliness.

The advancement of women leadership and gender parity is a deeply rooted value at Morgan Lewis. As one of the very few women leading a major law firm, Firm Chair Jami McKeon understands that culture cascades from the top and that attracting, championing, and promoting women lawyers is vital to lasting and visible gender equality. This earnest focus on advancing women has led to recognizable changes in the makeup of the firm’s partner and leadership ranks.

To produce the 2020 report, Yale Law Women invited all firms listed in the 2020 Vault Law 100 to participate in a survey about firm structure; training, mentorship, and diversity; promotion and leadership; part-time and remote work; work-life balance and parental leave; billable hours and compensation; and mandatory arbitration and nondisclosure agreements.