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4 More COVID-19 Legal Questions You Should Answer, SHRM

Monday, October 19, 2020

Morgan Lewis partner Jacqueline Cookerly Aguilera spoke with SHRM for part three of a series on the coronavirus (COVID-19) related questions that are top of mind for HR professionals. In the piece, she discussed key considerations for the reimbursement of remote work–related expenses, and outlined three best practices:

  1. Reimburse employees for all reasonable and necessary out-of-pocket expenses an employee incurs in carrying out job duties. Alternatively, provide employees with the necessary supplies and equipment to perform their jobs remotely (e.g., laptops, monitors, cell phones, office supplies).
  2. Provide employees a monthly stipend for a reasonable percentage of expenses where the employee incurs no additional cost such as internet and cell phone data plans. If this reimbursement is insufficient, implement a procedure where an employee may request additional reimbursement with supporting documentation. This type of exception provision is critical because employees should always be allowed to "prove up" additional incurred expenses.
  3. Identify items not necessary for the performance of job duties (e.g., office furniture, printers), and make clear that employees will not be reimbursed for these items without prior approval.

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