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Death from a Different Perspective: Why This Morgan Lewis Partner Is a Hospice Volunteer, Reuters

March 09, 2021

Reuters featured partner Sara Wells for her work as a hospice volunteer amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The piece highlights her motivation behind this community service and the way she brings comfort to those she visits. "My role is not to be worried about the patients' blood pressure or ailments," Sara said. "It's solely to talk about whatever they want to talk about or to play cards if they want to play cards."

The article also discussed the synergy between Sara’s private client practice, which involves estate plans, and her volunteer work. Sara shared that her experience creating trusts and estate plans has made her "good at being able to talk to people about death and dying. A lot of people shy away from it. They think that after someone lost a loved one, they don't want to talk about it. I discovered that they often do want to talk about it."

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