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Barnstorming Litigators Were the Profession’s Remote Work Pioneers, Litigation Daily

Monday, July 26, 2021

Morgan Lewis partners Collie James, Wendy West Feinstein, and Nancy Patterson were quoted in a Litigation Daily article highlighting litigators’ roles as remote work pioneers whose trials and teams have routinely crossed time zones. In the piece Collie reflected on the pre-pandemic work environment and noted, “The old model of everybody is all in one place and we’re talking all the time is really a model that hasn’t existed for a long time.” He said the benefit of the remote-work experience has been to highlight how firms have to be creative and proactive about learning to provide mentorship for junior lawyers who aren’t working in the same location as their supervisors. “Now we have to focus on that,” he said. “We have to adapt. We have to be creative, and we have to learn new ways to do that when we’re not going to be together as much as we used to and figure out a way to do it.”

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