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What’s in Store for IP in 2023?, IPWatchdog

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Partner Andrew Gray contributed to an article published by highlighting what the intellectual property (IP) community will be watching in 2023. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in Andrews’s crosshairs for the new year.

“The public emergence of applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) engines to create new inventions and new works of authorship and art has created the hottest topic in IP in 2022 as the question has become: Who owns the intellectual property rights that exist in these new creations? In the years to come, we will learn whether those rights belong to the person who created the AI engine, the person who trained the AI engine, the person who tasked the AI engine with making the creation, the AI itself, or perhaps no one,” Andrew said.

“While the first decisions coming out of the courts suggest that only persons may own intellectual property rights, how those rights are divvied up among the various persons involved remains to be determined. And, the answer to these questions will, of course, impact the future of AI development, investments in AI and in creating intellectual property rights, and the types of inventions, texts, and art that will be created.”

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